STS Products, Inc.
  • Ring Joint Gaskets

    Sara metallic Ring Joint Gaskets are suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

    Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Swivel Joints

    Available in sizes ¾" thorough 3" up to 15,000 PSI non-Shock cold working pressure, Sara Swivel Joints offer the following features...

    Swivel Joints
  • Hammer Unions

    Sara unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials. Sara unions are available in a choice of end connections...

    Hammer Unions
  • BOP Accumulator Units

    Sara BOP Accumulator Units meet or exceed the design specification as specified in API 16D. Each control system is specifically...

    BOP Accumulator Units
  • Air Remote Pannels

    Air-Remote Panels control rig air pressure to the hydraulic control manifold to operate the manifold functions...

    Air Remote Pannels
  • Hydraulic Tongs

    The The Sara Tong is an efficient tool for casing and tubing operations, designed for toughness, dependability and ease of handling...

    Hydraulic Tongs
  • Power Units

    Computerized based systems for providing computerized analysis of each joint and complete string. Provides graphic analysis of torques...

    Power Units
  • Flanges and Spool

    Sara manufacturres a wide range of High Pressure Flanges Tees, Crosses conforming to API 6A and in line with specific customer requirements...

    Flanges and Spool
  • High Pressure Test Units

    High Pressure Test Units are provided in working pressure ranges from 5,000 t0 30,000 PSI. These units are recommended for high pressure...

    High Pressure Test Units
  • Pressure Wash Unit

    Pressure Wash Units are specifically designed to provide an effcient and versatile method of cleaning heavy equipment by means of a high...

    Pressure Wash Unit
  • Manifolds

    Sara manufactures a range fo Manifolds for applications like choke & ill, standpipe and high pressure pumping in sizes up to 1/16" and...

  • Data Headers

    Sara offers Data Headers to provide additional connections for Pressure Gauge, thermowell, and...

    Data Headers
  • Pup joints

    Integral Pup joints are made of high quality alloy steel, integrally constructed, forged ended, and...

    Pup joints
  • Other Oilfield Products

    Sara manufactures an assertment of other product having usage in varied oilfield applications...

    Other Oilfield Products



Oilfield equipments - offered by STS Products Inc. worldwide in Houston and various locations of USA. The wide range of oil field products supplied by us includes Hammer Unions, Swivel Joints, Swivel Joint Loops, Pipe Joints, Integral Union connections, Spools & Adapters, Flanges, Tees, Crosses, Ring Joint Gaskets, Frac Subs, Studs, Nuts, BOP Accumulator Units, Remote Panels Hydraulic Tongs. Power Units, High Pressure Test Units, Pressure Wash Units, Manifolds, Sucker Rod Pumping Units.

These oil field equipments are manufactured by Sara SAE an API approved manufacturer using the latest design techniques, CNC machines and are monogrammed under various API certifications. Its quality system is accredited under ISO-9001 certification. With more than 30 years of experience and 650 employees, quality and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

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